Review of Lenovo Y410

Review of Lenovo Y410


Specification of Lenovo Y410

Processor------Core 2 Duo
Processor number------T7100
Processor speed--------1.8GHz
Motherboard------------ chipset
Intel ------------------965GM
Amt of RAM-----1024 MB
Hard drive-------120 GB
Card Reader------SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro
Optical drive--------Slot-in DVD writer
Ports---------3 X USB2.0; FireWire; RJ11 (modem); RJ45
Modem-------56K data/fax
Built-in devices-----1 x PC Card slot
Wireless LAN--------802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g
Graphics hardware------Intel GMA X3100
Amt of video RAM-------256MB
Diagonal screen size-----14.1 inch
LCD technology----------Transflective TFT (widescreen)
DVD/MP3 without bootup-----Yes
TV tuner-------No
Sound har-------Integrated audio; 2 x speakers; Sub woofer
Operating system----Win XP Home
Weight ---------2.4 kg
Dimensions-------344 x 253 x 37 mm
Warranty-----One year limited warranty


Lenovo Y410 Introduction

Lenovo y410 is a good laptop. I recommend for anyone who wants a low cost but decent preforming machine. It also comes with facial recognition technology, which is pretty nifty. I have not experience anything really wrong with this laptop. My model came with windows vista. The laptops battery life on a full charge set high performance is around 1.5 hours and 2.5 when set to low.

Reason for buying

Lenovo Y410 Bottom

After buying over IBM's PC department, Lenovo expanded its range of notebooks to reflect the needs of those who do not require the premium support of the ThinkPad series. The Lenovo 3000 C, N and V series are portables targeting small and medium business (SMB) users, while the Lenovo Y range is aimed at the consumer market. For a portable entertainment notebook, the Y410 is certainly attractive at a starting price of S$1,599 one which only models like Acer Aspire 4710 and Dell Inspiron 1420 with far less features can compete.

Build and Design

Billed as an entertainment model, the Y410 comes with the Shuttle Center feature which is just another fancy interface to access your multimedia content. What really impressed us was its sound system. Boasting a Dolby Home Theater premium audio system, there is an integrated subwoofer which makes the Y410 one of the better-sounding laptops we have heard.

Lenovo Y410 Build and Design

Build quality is good. Yes the laptop is made from plastic just like most laptops but it does not flex when you twist it in your hands. Poking hard at the laptop there is a "soft spot" at the left palm rest but this is to be expected since the empty PC Card slot is right underneath. You will notice this when you grab the laptop (screen opened) with one hand by the left front corner. Screen hinge is EXCELLENT! Nice and smooth and NO screen wobble when you shake the unit. Keyboard felt solid with no noticeable keyboard flex. Overall the laptop looks stylish and modern at least IMO.

Performance :

Lenovo Y410 Performance

Im not going to comment on performance. Look at the specs and you will see. Its just as fast as any other laptop with similar specs. The unit comes with the new "Santa Rosa" chipset with the X3100 graphics and once intel releases proper drivers that unlock the hardware T&L in the X3100 you WILL be able to game on this unit as the graphics are far superior to the previous GMA950. As we all know if you dont play 3D games it does not matter if you have integrated graphics or a $500 card.

Screen :

Lenovo Y410 Screen

The screen image quality looked fine for a laptop in this price range but my only grip is the vertical viewing angle. Image quality gets washed out fast unless you view the screen straight on. Horizontal viewing on the other hand was very good.


: Who is Lenovo trying to fool? They advertise "Outstanding surround sound with subwoofer"? Folks let me tell you, the music out of this laptop is just as pale as any other laptop speakers. Im not saying it sounds bad, its just not any better than any other laptops out there.