Tips for Making Money With Twitter

Tips for Making Money With Twitter

Everyone seems to like twitter these days which is a really cool way of staying in touch with your customers, friends & colleagues. Here we will expalin how you can start earning money using twitter.

1.) Rule for getting started :

If you are a spammer and spam your followers, you will FAIL. Ok, with that out of the way, let's now talk about Twitter for a second. Twitter is about opt-in relationships between people. No one is under any obligation to follow you, or listen to what you say. And they won?t, unless you are adding value to their feed in some way.

2.) How are you going to make money with Twitter?

  • First of all you need a lot of followers.
  • When you have enough followers, you need to send them ads, they click on it and you?ll start earning money, thats all!

3.) Is this going to cost you a lot of time?

Not at all! I tested this method for you and I found the best and fastest way to earn money with Twitter. So all you have to do is follow this instructions. At First, it?s going to take some time to create and manage all the accounts, but at the end all you have to do is write some tweets every day, it takes about 10 - 15 minutes only.

4.) Why do we write this Article ?

I am also using this method and I'm earning a lot of money with it. Now I want you to give you this info so you can make money too and I can make even more money!

5.) This is what you need to start earning money ?

6.)Twitter Account

Logon to your Twitter account and change these Settings?

6.1) Account :

  • Name, Username, Email
  • Time Zone: Take a time zone between GMT -08:00 and -05:00 because most people who follow me are from the United States (Can be different for your situation!)
  • More Info URL: Here you can promote your website
  • One Line Bio: This is also important, just write something about yourself
  • Location and Language

6.2) Notices

Uncheck Email when someone starts following me, because over 10,000 people are going to follow you from you, so that,s a lot of spam.

6.3) Picture

Make sure you add a picture of yourself (or just get a picture on the internet from someone you like).

6.4) Design

Change the design so you don't have the boring standard design or go to and create something nice.
You can start with one Twitter account, but to grow fast you?ll need 10 accounts. It's better to start with one account and see how this is going for you and create the other accounts later.

7.) PayPal Account

This is simple, create an account and verify you credit card or top up your account.

9.) Tweetlater Account

Create an account and go to Account, Add Accounts and Check Automatically send a welcome message to new followers. and in the "Send This Message:" box you write something like:

10.) Hummingbird

Their sales page is this:

11.) Hummingbird Tips

Log in with you Twitter Account and go to "Tools", Find Targeted Followers. Go to "Find suggested users", select all and click Follow.
Then do this again but stay on the "Find on Twitter" tab. Search on a keyword like Twitter, website, marketing, woman, …

Click on an account that has between 1000 and 2000 followers. Click on "Followers" or "Following", wait a few seconds and click on "Follow All".
Now Hummingbird starts following them all, this can take a while. You can follow 2000 people max, this is a limit on Twitter and you can only break it by getting more Followers.

Now you've followed 1000-2000 people. Wait 48 hours and let them follow you back. This is how you get followers!

Once you have as much followers as people following you, you have to flush the people that you are following, but don't follow you back. So click on following and click the bottom right corner button labeled "Unfollow All". But do NOT do a "mass unfollow" of thousands at a time. You are sending a red flag and an increased chance of your account getting suspended.
Keep doing this to get as much followers as u need.

12.) TweetDeck

At this point, we are sending 2 ads to our followers each day. Most people see this as spam and they will unfollow you. You need to tell them something interesting. I you only have one Twitter account you just send some Tweets every day and skip this step. But if you have multiple accounts and you have to write Tweets for all of them, it can take you a lot of time! So that's why you have to download this program and you can Tweet to all your Twitter accounts at the same time!
Go to and install the software.

12.1) TweetDeck tips

Launch it, add all you Twitter accounts, click "Tweet" (upper left), select all you Twitter accounts and Tweet something. Now you are Tweeting to all your accounts at the same time!

Using these tips you can easily make 10-15$ a day (400-500$ per month) withing 2-3 months. At starting it mey seems tough but stick to the programm your earning will start increasing.