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Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers : Android App

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This Application helps in improving problem-solving skills by focusing on Logical Reasoning Questions. Application will help you in your carrier plan and helps in preparation of CAT and other different kind of exams.

For Entrance Examination: 

  • MBA, CAT, Hotel Management
  • BSRB Recruitment
  • Railway Recruitment, SCRA
  • LIC-AAO, GIC-AAO, Asst. Grade
  • I Tax & Central Excise, CBI, CPO
  • B.Ed., MBBS
  • IAS, PCS, IFS, etc.,
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  1. 1200+ questions that prepare you for any type of Verbal Reasoning paper,Exam and Tests.
  2. The application will help you prepare for Exam/test while travelling , at Lunch time. The application does not require Internet Connections.
  3. Provide an option for users to practice his/her own answers as your application will present you with a question. User can think of his answer then compare how his answer is different from our answer.
  4. Questions has been categories in Section for ease of use.
  5. Comprehensive coverage of topics with a large number of illustrative examples.
  6. The application allows the user to Share Quotes with other peoples and friends using Facebook, email, SMS, twitter etc.

Categories :

Application Cover questions from Following 10 broad Categories.

  1. Spotting Errors
  2. Selecting Words
  3. Ordering of Words
  4. Completing Statements
  5. Idioms and Phrases
  6. Verbal Analogies
  7. Synonyms
  8. Synonyms II
  9. Spellings
  10. Sentence Correction
  11. Ordering of Sentences
  12. Change of Voice
  13. Antonyms
  14. Antonyms II

SAMPLE QUESTIONS (Application has more tham 1200 Questions)

In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.

Q. )

A. Soft
B. Average
C. Tiny
D. Weak

Answer: Option C


A. Gentle
B. Sincere
C. Amiable
D. Dependable

Answer: Option A

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