Marketing Question Answers : Android App

Marketing Question Answers : Android App

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Marketing Question Answers provide you a wide range of questions for learning about marketing. The application answers most commonly asked questions and has been categories for ease.

At the Time of publishing this is the only application in Android market on Marketing Question Answers.

This Application provides Question answers approach to teach Marketing concepts in an easy and interesting way.

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  1. 450+ questions that teaches you about marketing Concepts.
  2. Provide an option for user to practice his/her own answers as your application will present your with question. User can think of his answer then compare how his answer is different from our answer.
  3. Questions has been categories for ease of use.

Categories :

Application Cover questions from Following 11 broad Categories.

  1. Advertising
  2. Advertising Media
  3. Internet Marketing
  4. Journalism
  5. Marketing
  6. Marketing Competitive Strategy
  7. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  8. Share Market
  9. Strategic Marketing
  10. Telemarketing Telesales
  11. Web Marketing


Q. ) What are the advantages of franchising a restaurant?

Ans: The advantages of franchising are-

If you get the right franchise in the right place, it can be a lucrative opportunity.

You do not have to come up with your own brand name and establish yourself from scratch. In most cases, you are relying on the franchise name to have a certain amount of awareness and a quality product that people know and want in your area.

There is help, training available to get you up, and running. Most franchises will train you to make their product and teach you how to run one of their units.

There is marketing support already in place. You will have to pay for it, but with the big name franchises, there is advertising and promotional support.

Q.) Introducing new products to existing markets is an example of which of the following?

1. Concentric diversification
2. Horizontal diversification
3. Conglomerate diversification
4. Vertical diversification

Ans : Horizontal diversification

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